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02 Nov

According to one of the recent studies there were 166 CMMI Level5 IT companies in India till March of 2009. The number is growing at an increasing rate. Along with there are thousands of CMMI level 4 and 5 companies in India who are in a healthy competition among themselves to step into the next level. CCMMI certification signifies the capability and maturity of an IT organization in the direction of development of product/service, management and delivery of the service within the assigned deadline, quality of the product/service and the project management process. India has the largest number of CMMI level 5(the highest degree) and some of them have started venturing into e-learning.

CMMI accreditation of an e-learning company speaks for the service itself. It means their services matches to the global standard. In this direction, some of the most popular e-learning companies of India are NIIT limited, Gurukul Online Learning solutions and Tata Interactive system. Along with above three, there are hundreds of IT companies offering qualitative e-learning solutions to both students and corporate houses.

NIIT Limited

Having branches all over India, NIIT limited is capable of catering to the needs of working professionals, students and organizations offering education service. Proper understanding regarding need of the client, expertise of conducting training programs and partnership programs are the key points behind the success of NIIT limited. Specialties of NIIT, that have created a respectable position for itself in the global e-learning market are

  • Capability and maturity to prepare e-learning modules for different industry and educational vertices
  • A single comprehensive solution for all schools that are part of its eGuru program. It has contributed towards making the educational system more uniform.
  • Introduction of interactive classrooms for teachers and soft skill trainers
  • Technology support from Microsoft and Intel

Gurukul Online Learning Solutions

Gurukul Online Learning Solutions is one of the prominent retailers in the direction of retailing e-learning solutions to corporate houses and organizations providing education services. It offers specialized solutions like eLearning consulting, Implementation of enterprise eLearning, installing, customizing integrating and implementing rollout services, help desk serrvices, training methodology and a system for administration of training services. Specialties of Gurukul Online Learning Solutions are

  • Installing, customizing, integrating and implementing desired roll-out services
  • Capability to provide Pay per use, SAAS and ASP hosted solutions
  • Preparing the blueprint of the program keeping the institution or organization’s requirement and budget in mind
  • Capability of turning existing distance learning courses into e-learning ones.

Tata Interactive systems

Apart from the brand value of Tata, there are several cutting edge solutions those have enabled Tata Interactive Systems to create its niche in Global e-learning market. They are

  • Highly interactive and engaging learning modules and pattern of learning based on animations, conversations and games
  • Conducting workshops for corporate ventures in the direction of enhancing soft skill, application of latest software packages and training on product, process and sales

Cost effective solutions, quality of study material and capability of entire customized modules within the deadline are some of the factors behind success of Indian E-learning companies in global market.

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