How to Create E-Learning Presentations?

22 Nov

Creating a presentation is not enough to achieve the desired response from the learners in E-learning session. Rather, the presentation needs to be engaging and motivating one to enhance the interactivity among the learners and making the whole session more purpose-centric. You can use both PowerPoint and Flash to create E-learning presentations. In some cases, judicious application of both the programs is marked to make the presentation more attractive and lively. Whatever might be the program, your need to be to-the-point, free from jargons and a messy look and should be capable of delivering the message in a simple but authoritative manner.  In this article, we will discuss about how to create E-learning presentations with help of PowerPoint and Flash Separately.

PowerPoint: An Effective tool for creating E-learning presentation

It is the easiest way to create a presentation. However, presentations created on PowerPoint platform have a global appeal as fewer technicalities are associated with it. The steps related to creating an e-learning presentation with help of PowerPoint are

Ø  The first step of creating an E-learning presentation through PowerPoint is download the Suite if you do not have this application in your PC/Laptop

Ø  In the next step, go for a layout for the title slide and start working on it by clicking on the button “ok”.

Ø  New Slide button will help you to add as many slides as you want depending upon the content of the presentation.

Ø  Add images, graphics or icons according to the requirement

Ø  Take help of the spell checker to check the spelling of all words used in the slides

Ø  Use a single font format for the entire presentation. It will help in offering your presentation a professional look and free from learner’s confusion. Ideal fonts to be used in an E-learning presentation are Helvetica and Courier for title and text respectively.

Ø  Save the presentation with the desired name.

Flash: Capable of adding glamour to your presentation

Transforming your simple PowerPoint presentation into a highly engaging and more-impact Flash presentation is not a big deal. With few clicks on the PowerPoint application, you can integrate Flash into it. For this, all you need to do is downloading Adobe Flash and having proficiency over the application. Once you create the presentation with PowerPoint, you can add the required glamour to it by following the underlying tips

Ø  Use narrations and interactive content to make the Flash presentation look professionals and self-paced.

Ø  If required import a relevant video, edit it according to the requirement and then export it as SWF. Here, you are free to import any type of Video format for your presentation.

Ø  Record audio, edit it and add to the presentation to make it livelier

Ø  Always keep the factors like customization and the brand image in mind while preparing the presentation.

Ø  Add quizzes, polls, surveys etc. to make it more interactive

Ø  Make a perfect integration of both the software applications for better tracking, deploying and management of the presentation’s content

All the above tips will help you to create E-learning presentations that are engaging and result-oriented in nature.

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