Features of a E-Learning Classroom

09 Nov

There are several distinct differences between the features of a conventional classroom and an E-learning classroom. The difference of features is due to the difference in approach towards learning in both the methods. In case of E-learning, there should be adequate facilities for the proper implementation of the program. Aptitude and skills of the learners need to be assessed in regular intervals. The channel for communication and resolution of doubts needs to be open-ended and more transparent in case of E-learning. Content of the modules need to be accurate, engaging and appealing. To achieve the above goals, an E-Learning class room needs to have features like

Formation of working groups

Creation of working groups among the learners is one of the crucial features of E-Learning classroom. It leaves the room for collaboration of different projects and ideas. Along with, it fosters communication related to the model among the group and enhances knowledge and resource sharing process.

Availability of all necessary communication tools

Communication tools required for an E-learning classroom might be different in different circumstances. However, there are some tools which are common in every E-learning process. Facility for live chat is a must in case of an E-learning class room. Along with, there needs to be facilities like chat rooms and E-mails for better communication among the learners and between learners and the instructors. Hence, Internet accessibility, computer, projectors are some of the essential features and equipments that every E-learning classroom should have.

Profile for each learner and proper test manager tools

In an E-Learning classroom, there should be profile of each individual learner. This helps in making the work space of the earner personal. Here, they are free to add additional information related to the course at this space. It helps in enhancing the overall knowledge pool. Along with, personalized students’ profile in case of an E-learning class room helps in enhancing the interactivity among the learners. Test manager is another vital feature of E-learning class room that manages everything related to the assessment tests to monitor performance of learners. Using this feature the learners can appear tests, see the test results and keep track of self-improvement.

Drop box for assignments, and features latest news and announcements

Drop Box in case on E-learning class room performs the duty of extending file storage capacity. All learners submit their assignments in this box. Generally, Zipped folders are used in drop box for accumulation of assignments from groups and individuals. An e-Learning School must have a news and announcement update feature. Through this, the learners will be aware about the recent developments, upcoming activities and important dates related to the E-learning module.

However, the above mentioned features are the normal ones that need to be present in case of all types E-Learning courses. In case of E-learning programs the features are more sophisticated and the ambiance of the classroom is more professional in nature. In case of educational E-learning programs, the features depend heavily upon the age group of the earners, course to be taught, and complexity of the content and duration of the course.

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