Different Approaches to E-Learning Services

19 Nov

Approaches to E-learning services are highly target audience specific in nature. It means, the approach of e-learning programs for soft-skill development of professionals engaged in different corporate houses is different from that of a pure educational one. Approaches towards E-learning have been transforming continuously to from the day of E-learning’s inception. Some of the popular E-learning approaches are

E-Learning programs based on computer

This approach is otherwise known as computer based learning or CBL. Here, computer is the most vital aspect of the entire educational environment. Existence of computers in classroom is a must in this type of E-learning program. There are several advantages of Computer Based Learning Programs. Some of them are

Ø  Collaborative learning system for more uniformity and enhancement of teaching and learning standard

Ø  Effective data management for repeated sessions

Ø  Portability and minimal use of technological devices in the class room

Ø  Making the class room interior more spacious

Computer Based training

This e-learning approach is a highly transformed version of CBL and is popularly known as CBT. In this approach, activities related to learning are self-paced ones and are easily accessible through computers or any handled device. This approach is highly beneficial in the direction of teaching software applications and mathematical equations as the content presentation mode here follows a linear path. CD-ROM is an integral aspect for the success of this approach. Advantages of computer based training programs are

Ø  A cost effective alternative of web-based training

Ø  Facilities to assess the improvement in a hassle free and error-free manner with help of software applications

Ø  Facility to provide feedback of the end user in an instant manner

Ø  More interactive and student-friendly compared to traditional teaching approaches

Computer-supported collaborative learning approach

This is one of the latest and most sophisticated approaches in the direction of making E-learning more interactive and target audience oriented with help of latest IT techniques. The major objective if this approach is to make the learning process more collaborative one. To achieve this aim, Computer-supported collaborative learning approach (CSCL) focuses on behavior of students in class room, sharing of information, interaction. Advantages of CSCL are

Ø  More emphasis on group learning than individual learning to enhance the interaction within the class room

Ø  Less burden on the instructor, here the instructor acts as a base and facilitator of knowledge and skills

Ø  Enhanced interactive experience for both instructor and the learners

Ø  Use of Sophisticated IT instruments to show information in its exact manner

Technology-enhanced learning

Aim of this approach is to empower e-learning practices through socio-technical innovations. It can be applied to both educational programs and corporate capacity building programs. Advantages of Technology-enhanced learning are

Ø  Improved efficiency of the program

Ø  Higher cost-efficiency

Ø  Highly target oriented irrespective of the factors like time, place and pace

To conclude, each approach of e-learning has its own sets of advantages. However, the key point related to success is applying the right approach for the right purpose. It helps in achieving the desired results from E-learning approaches.

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